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British Gas
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Barry Hughes
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High Wycombe

A very brief synopsis:
Electric ignition failed on a £1700 oven. I
took out a 5 year extended warranty.
The tale is too long to go through in detail, but it is now about 13/14 weeks since the fault was first reported. During that time we have had (I think) 11/12 visits arranged with British gas to fix it.

Each time my wife or myself had to take time off work. Sometimes they just did not turn up. Sometimes only 1 of 2 engineers required turned up. Sometimes they brought the wrong parts. Sometimes they brought 2 identical wrong parts.

The oven is still not working properly. I have written two detailed letters of complaint to British Gas. Both letters have been totally ignored.

We still have no idea if or when the problem will be fixed.

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A Right of Reply letter has been issued to British Gas.

update on 14 November 2001
We received an email from Customer Relations Manager at British Gas. See the Right of Reply column. We did send the correct URL address. However some companies have internal firewall restictions that make it impossible for staff to view many websites. (We have this problem with Comet Complaints).

The complaint was posted on 8 November and the Right of Reply letter issued the following day. An email of the above complaint was issued as requested. The ball is in your court now British Gas!!


previously submitted Consumer Comments
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I am trying to find out where I can get a replacement gas fired water heater for use in my kitchen to replace the one I purchased from british gas some years ago. I would like to get something similar and want to get one from british gas but I CAN NOT locate a brit gas supplier who will sell such an item. Can you help me ? I live in Reading and want to locate a supplier locally. J. Sharman...22 February 2003
I have had an ongoing dispute for four years, second court action due in a week. Does anyone know the address for the Managing Director or Chef Executive and Offgas? Noreen Donovan ...12 March 2003
I have been trying to organise 2' of gas pipe since January 2003. Dealing with BG is like stiring treacle, everyone blames everyone else no common sense still unable to aceive connection. I understand your frustrations in dealing with BG as they are the worst organisation to deal with. Richard Messenger... 29 April 2003
I have taken out every insurance policy offered by Britsh Gas.
Earlier this year I had water leaking through the ceiling from the bath. On the diagram supplied with the insurance policy it clearly showed that I was covered for problems/leaks which occur under the bath. On the Wednesday prior to a bank holiday weekend I called B.G. and they said they would send someone along. No one came.

I phoned again the next day their accesser came and told me that I 'was' covered pointing to the diagram B.G. supply said they would get someone out to me. No one came. (another day off work) the Plumber came and said it was the Drainage people I required. So he went away. After more phoning the Drainage man came and he said it was the Plumber's responsibility. Saturday morning (prior to the Bank Holiday Monday) I phoned and phoned all day as by now the children had not had a bath since Wednesday. All day Saturday I kept being told the Drainage man was coming back to fix it.

He arrived late that afternoon (after 5.00 pm) but said the same as when he came before, it was not his area. At nearly 6.00 p.m on the Saturday night whilst the drainage man was their I telephoned them and this time spoke to a manager. He now suddenly said "you are not covered". They walked away knowing that I would not be able to contact a plumber until the following Tuesday. I know I was covered!!

On Wednesday this week my Dishwasher broke down. Under the Kitchen Appliance Care I have emergency breakdown cover. They have told me that some should be able to come out to this emergency breakdown call some time next Monday, (5 days later) but I'll have to wait in all day! I was told that their Emergency Cover does not include weekends!
Mrs C Thurgood ... 31 July 2003
We moved into our house on 14th July.
we have sent two copies of our tennancy agreement to British Gas in order to register as a new customer. We recived one reply telling us that the tennancy agrement has ot been sent and to send it in order to register as a customer. 29 days later we still have no had any reply. Since we moved in (in July) we have been apying 2 per every ten pound that we put onto the meter. This is the previous tennant's debt. This has now increased to 4 without any notice at all.

British gas are refusing to release us to another company despite that fact they won't acknowledge that we are the customers.
Jayne Colquhoun ... 26 November 2003


I transferred from British Gas to another supplier 2 years ago, shortly after I moved house and after receiving appaling service whilst being an enforced customer in rented property.

On 31 May 2002 I received - out of the blue - a demand for £82.87 in relation to the property I had vacated over 2 years ago. On telephoning british Gas I was told to ring a different number from the one that was heading the letter (all at my own expense).

I eventually spoke to someone and explained that I was no longer a customer and anyway, had a pre-pay meter whilst living at the address in question. I was told to allow them 4 weeks to look into this matter and I followed up the phone call with a letter of complaint, sent via Southampton, as I had not been informed as to where I should address any complaints to.

Today, 22 June, having received no acknowledgement of my phone call or letter, I have received a warning of county court action if I don't pay within 7 days. I have tried twice today to speak to someone AGAIN and the best I have is that the computer system is down and someone will ring me back (yeh, right!)I know that we are all capable of making mistakes, but the total incomtetence, backed up with bullying tactics of such a major organisation beggars belief. I am facing court action from an organistion that I am not even a customer of and I don't even know the reason. HELP!
Julie Benjamin.. 22 June 2002
I am on a prepapayment meter with british gas and have not had a statement from them since i joined in 1999. They never replied to my letters either. Resently they sent me a cheque for £300 but still no statement so i cannot check if the overpayment money sent back to me is right or not.
i am still waiting. Kybird....27 June 2002
If you are not getting replies for your letters, contact the british gas office at reading and ask to speak to the customer service manager for your region . I tried that once and I was called back a couple of minutes by the manager of the service center. Temple..10 December 2002

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