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16 December 2003

Synopsis of events

Mr Brooks contacted us to advise he was moving and the meter reading of 6230 was provided.

Details passed to Home Movers Department.

We did not process this and account remained open.

As a result, we sent his ordinary quarterly bill on 8 November 2003 for £97.55.

We sent reminder notices on 22 November 2003 and 6 December 2003.

Mr Brooks contacted us on 12 December 2003 and we fast tracked this to get Home Movers to update details.

We advised Mr Brooks this would take a further fourteen to twenty-one days to go through.

I have updated the change of tenancy to the reading Mr Brooks provided previously and to the date of 1.7.03 he has given on his email.

This will produce a final bill overnight and the bill should arrive by 30 December 2003.

As the bill will be calculated and produced overnight I am unable to advise you of the balance at this time.

The bill for £97.55 has been cancelled in full.

We failed to update the change of tenancy details which resulted in the account being left open. We continued to bill the account for Mr Brooks which is why he received a bill and reminder notices.

I trust this information is helpful to your enquiries.

Customer Relations Southampton

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Mr G Brooks
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I moved out of my old property, ref: 420 xxx xxxx, on the 1/7/03. I gave a final meter reading for the property, and moved on to my new address. I recieved a final bill letter to my new address and presumed the account closed.

This was not the case. I recieved a letter in November stating I owed 97.55 for useage at my property, I rang and was told it was a mistake, and it would be rectified by a letter to my new address stating all was complete. But, all I got was the same later, asking for the money, I followed the same procedure as before, with the same answer, a letter would arrive with closure on the account. But, This time I got a demanding letter, with the same amount outstanding, and a threat of further action.

I have rang up the OSEDEBT team, explained I am not happy, this was met with a five minute wait on the phone, only to be told, An internal mail has been sent within British Gas, that will take between 7 - 21 days for a letter to be with me,that will state the closure of the account. And as for the demaning letters, I am "to ignore them!".

The complaint procedure on the web page is incomplete and will not send mails. No seems to want to take ownership of this issue.

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