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British Gas
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Mrs W Mitchell
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British Gas installed a new meter in my property and then said that the old meter has been giving me too much gas.

I was then left with a huge bill which i have been paying off. Tonight the 15th April I phoned british gas to say that the bill of £101 had been put up to £485. This is totally incorrect.

After phoning British Gas they informed me it is £101 and would I give them a meter reading, this I did only to be told it was now £140. Please British Gas make up your mind this complaint has been going on for four months now.

Please let me pay this off properly as I wish to get another gas supplier in. I have again phoned British Gas only to be told that they will sort it out. haha ha ha ha please please please let me go to someone else!

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I have a leaking external pipe and called British Gas. They arranged to send someone out the following day. As I had to go to work I arranged for my elderly next door neighbours to wait in and give the British gas engineer entry to my property. The engineer called but said that he could not do the work and would call the plumbers and they would come out that afternoon. No-one turned up. I got home from work and called British gas who then arranged for the next day for someone to come round.

My neighbours again stayed in to wait for them to call. No-one turned up. Again I called that evening and British gas arranged for another visit. Once again my neighbours stayed in to give them access and once again no-one turned up. I called British gas again and they were very apologetic and said that they would arrange for another visit the following day. I stayed in this time but no-one turned up. I called British Gas to be told that no appointment had been made.

British Gas have now made another appointment. This is the last time. If no-one comes out to complete the work then I will be cancelled my maintance agreement and going to another provider as the service I have received to date is appalling. I didn't realise British Gas was this bad. Can you please explain why your Customer Service employees are not capable in doing their jobs properly. You are losing customers. Also, the plumbers you use in the area only have 1 plumber - why is that?
Sandra Toppin ... 26 August 2003
Although it's a few years ago now...
I did have Gas service from British Gas, all paid up to date via DD etc. I then changed to another supplier, BG were quick to issue a final bill, which was paid - then a further bill arrived. They claimed that the new supplier had given a different meter reading to the one agreed, at that time the 'new' reading was higher than the actual meter reading, making it impossible! BG were invited to come and read the meter, they didn't. My new supplier said that they'd not given them a different reading, they agreed it was as on date of transfer etc. The faxed BG to inform them, BG claim they didn't get this. As time went on I got a reminder, red letter, cut-off notice and then the bailiffs got involved - plus their costs of course.

Despite numerous calls to 'customer service' the matter took over a year to resolve, by getting my new supplier to send me a letter stating the correct reading and forwarding copies of this to BG, note the word 'copies', not 'copy'! Yes, it's took three letters and copy letter before anything showed up on their computer system when I phoned them yet again. What had been about a £20 bill had risen to over £80 with added costs, all of which was incorrect. Eventually I got a letter from BG to say they had cancelled the outstanding bill and that they accepted the meter reading I had given them, and had verified by my new supplier. But - no apology and no response to a request for compensation for all the letters and phone calls involved.

You can imagine what I say to BG people who canvass my doorstep now. Why they have to keep calling every few month to try and persuade me to go back to them I don't know, over 4 years of telling these people to 'go away' does not have any effect it seems. I wouldn't touch them with a bargepole!
Gordon Sharpe...15 September 2003
I had a new meter, with no prior warning of installation,
after 13 days of monitoring it the consumption is more than double the average of a peak quarter. I,m heading for a domestic bill of 350 and BG refuse to act. I don't even have a gas fire only CH on 2-4 hour a day.
S Williams ... 27 November 2003

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