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Mr J Soks
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I have Three Star Cover by British Gas. They came to to do annual service on 6.3.03. Service Engineer said boiler was leaking and disconnected it but, rang in and requested another engineer to call to check over before 4pm that same day. No engineer arrived, I rang British Gas and they said that they would have someone out following morning between 8am-12noon. At 12 noon no-one had been out. Rang British Gas who said that it hadn't been logged on computer but managed to get engineer out shortly afterwards for us. He said that boiler needed new heat exchanger but that Myson didn't make boilers any more and couldn't get part, we would need new system.

Apparently Three Star Cover doesn't cover this unless boiler is less than 6 years old. I have been left without heating and hot water for 9 days now with two young children.

When boiler has been serviced yearly (Myson Marathon 500B) the service engineer opens door at front and checks things there. I have had 3 independent corgi registered engineers out who state that this boiler should also be serviced from the top but you cant do this as it is under a fixed workbench. The boiler was fitted approx. ten years ago when the kitchen was fitted and we specifically asked the engineer if we needed to have bench on a hinge for servicing and we were told no it wasn't necessary.

My wife has made numerous calls to British Gas and has asked to be put through to their complaints department and was told that they didn't have one and that the person dealing with the call had to log the complaint on the computer.

What I want to know is why we weren't told once the boiler was 6years old that we weren't covered for a new boiler but British Gas kept on taking full payment for Three Star Cover and that any parts etc would have to be paid for. Also why when the boiler has been serviced it has only been serviced from the front opening and not the top as well. I spoke to a Mr. C, Senior Service Engineer who informed me that it needn't be serviced from the top but, on reading the Myson Marathon 500B instruction booklet it states clearly that it should be serviced from the top in order to brush all flueways thoroughly and that All worksurfaces must be removable to allow boiler to be serviced.

I want to know why we have been paying for a full service for ten years and only get the front of the boiler checked. I shall also be writing to the Press about the disgraceful treatment from British Gas.

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Was thinking about subscribing to the 3 star scheme - but after reading several complaints from existing customers -NO THANK YOU!!
Vicky Anderson ... 12 December 2003
I have nothing but praise for British Gas Three Star Service.
I had a major failing of my system. The solution involved digging up a concrete floor, cutting pipes etc. All of this was completed in less than 7 dyas. Throughout the original guy, Andy, then his manager, Derek, took owenership of the problem. In the past I have only ever needed to call them out on Christmas Eve and New Years day. Well worth every penny! J C E ... 21 December 2003
full 3* cover for over ten years, new radiator fitted july 2002,
britgas annual insp oct'02 and oct'03, called out for leak 22 dec 03, attended 24 dec 03 refused to repair, said rad, was poorly fitted, rang britgas they admitted they made an error by missing poor fitting on 2 inspections, would send engineer on 27dec 03, engineer arrives refuses to repair leak, gives me irrelevent lecture on the why's and wherefores of car insurance, and then leaves. i ring brit gas again, they investigate, change their mind and refuse to repair leak, suggested we take boiler cover only, britgas fitter claims they can inspect heating anytime and not tell you that your fitment is poor, continue to collect your subs and then issue a not up to current standards cert' not only that the original engineer? can leave you with a more persistant leak
Thomas Hussey. 7 January 2004
Thank you for sharing your comments!
I was thinking of using BG 3 star but now I am not too sure. Can anyone recommend a contact/company I can use to get an 'annual maintenance cover' that will equate to the 'service' BG3 star covers. Also, does anyone know where I can get a Gas Safety Certificate/test done? How much will it costs? I had it done previously and was overcharged by GBP 40.. but the quote I got yesterday.. My property is in Brixton and it was built 4yrs ago. thanks for your time. Marie Ward .. 23 June 2004

TRY THE SOUNDING BOARD to contact others in the same situation.

We too have the three star plan,
on the last visit the engineer disconnected the boiler because there was tape on the front panel, the same tape that British gas have been putting on for the last few years/visits.

Apparently the parts for this boiler are now obsolete and the tape is no longer an option. I asked British gas if the boiler was unsafe why didn't the engineer make it safe as that is what I have been paying for all these years, still waiting for their reply.

As far as I am concerned it is one big scam they have got going because the boiler was working absolutely perfectly, as I own three properties in all and have this plan for all the properties I told British Gas to cancel all the other agreements too, the lady then appeared shocked and asked why? Words fail me... Margaret Negus...25 March 2003
We paid nearly £3,000 for a new Ideal ICOS boiler just over a year ago.
Throughout this period the boiler has failed to ignite on a very many occasions. Eventually, the new boiler was replaced. This 2nd boiler is exactly the same. Despite numerous engineers calling and numerous 'new parts' being fitted, the 2nd boiler continues the same way as the first! Perhaps we will get a 3rd new boiler in the space of a year. Another engineer is calling this week!

I cannot make a complaint as no one will take a complaint. I only get to speak to an endless stream of contact/call centre staff and their 'managers'. Help us someone!!
Maureen Lodge... 8 April 2003
We had a Worcester combi boiler that was in the property when we bought it and was aproximately 11 year old.
the boiler started to make an awful clanging noise resulting in the boiler juddering to a halt and the pilot light going out. Read More Ian Shaw ... 29 July 2003
British Gas actually did respond quite quickly
to my complaint although still feel aggrieved. My father has been paying maintenance contract for many years. Bearing in mind my father is 82 and getting confused.Engineer came to do annual srvice and managed to flog him C02 detector approx £40. Another engineer comes and issues a Notice of Non Compliance (which is not the same as "not safe") and then gives him an estimate of over £400.Dont know what sales tecniques the engineers adopt or if they are on commission for getting extra work.

My dad gets the work done and pays the bill which incidentally included copper pipe fittings and valves. When I spot it and query it with British Gas they say it was for a power flush and that the materials used were not charged for. Their standard charge for a power flush being over £400(including VAT). my concern is that they are quick to issue these Notices of non compliance to elderly people who then mistakenly think that they are in danger. Just a coincidence but no relation to the previous Shaw.
Rob Shaw...12 September 2003
I phoned british gas services on the 2nd of october 2003 to explain to them about my arrears on my payment plan.
i am currently in credit with british gas as i tried to explain why i missed the payments and only paid £5 instead of £7.50 the repusantitive called graham was interupting me as i was trying to explain. Read More
Mrs k. v Rawcliffe ... 3 October 2003
Similar issue to Mrs Rawcliffe with regard to British Gas
three star call centre staff.I called to ask why the renewal for my three star cover appears to have gone up 26%. I was told that this was because of the type of my boiler, the fact that I live in London and something to do with the number of my radiators. Read More
Paul Taylor, London...18 October 2003
I would like to regester with british gas
, but every time iv rang up im left on hold for a very long time.i have used a lot of money phoning from my mobile. im not very happy your service is very bad indeed.
Julie Dobson ...17 November 2003

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