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British Gas


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Mr R Ohren
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About july last year I was stopped leaving a supermarket by a british gas sales rep. The deal was I sign up to both gas and electricand make additional savings.

As instructed I filled in the forms and paid up my npower gas bill (electronically at the post office).

npower did not receive this payment for some weeks and stopped the transfer . But retrospectively they admit they did receive it before the stop and they say british gas should have reapplied.

I had a notification from british gas in November saying the transfer was not goin ahead. I did not pay too much attention to this because my set up with npower was reasonable enough.

I did not recieve an hint of what was going to happen until January when I receive my first electricity bill from british gas.

In short I am getting gas from enpower electricity from british gas. I am paying over the odds. I have made hours of phone calls at my expense plus (they sacasticly offered me a voucher for £3)I have made myself late for work because I only get 30mins for lunch. I have not signed any contract for these increase tarrifs.

I have written to british gas customer servicesabout a month ago but have not had any acknowledgement.

I have just received another bill at the higher tarrif.
I really am at the end of my tether.

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If Mr Ohren has not already done so, i strongly suggest time is invested to write to Energy Watch (Details on Consumer Links page)

update on 4 November 2002
British Gas has responded (see right of reply column above right).
We wait for Mr Ohren's comments


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I do not understand why anyone would want to sign up with British Gas, I do have a cover program with them for boiler, fittings and plumbing and everytime I call them they tell me that my problem is not priority so I have to wait till the next available working day as they do not do weekends . Also the service center staff are another story entirely. I really feel sorry for the engineers I cannot imagine dealing with people like that. I have just given up.

I am signed to TXU and I have been for 4 years and I have not had any problems even with my moving from one property to another, and even managed to get credit for my overpayment. There is nothing that would make be sign on to BG and if someone comes to my door with one of their agreement I would most likely chase them not only out my drive but out of my street.

Their engineers are great tro work with, the service center is hell to deal with and their service center managers are even worse.
Temple...10 December 2002

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