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Avis Rentacar
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Dr H Hui
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Re: car rental (5XXXX36XX)

We have complained to AVIS over the phone on 24 June 2002 and then faxed a copy of the complaint letter on 25 June 2002 to A G, Customer Relations Manager, to no response. No phonecalls nor post from you to deal with the complaint. We sent another letter to complain on 14 August and still get no response.

We have rented a group F car for one day on Friday, 21 June 2002. My wife picked up the car at 09:00 and returned at around 15:00 to the Kensington branch, 181-183 Warwick Road, London. The manager, Miss M S, charged my wife £183.00 for a chipped windscreen (incident report no. 4XXXX8).

We feel very strongly about this for the following reasons:

1. The chip was situated on the driver's side of the front windscreen, about 10cm from the bottom, and the chip itself measured 3mm long by about 2mm wide with no radiating cracks in any direction. Miss T G, who inspected it with me, could testify to its dimension and she also informed me she had no idea what could have caused it.

2. Despite being asked to check that the car was not damaged before the rental, it is extremely hard to detect such a small blemish on the glass especially under poor indoor lighting and it could easily be mistaken for a dried water mark to the untrained eye. We think there is every chance that the chip was already there when we rented the car.

3. During the six hours we used the car, we have not been driven on motorway nor unpaved road, so there is little chance of loose gravel flying into the windscreen causing the chip. Neither of us has heard any noise on the windscreen during driving nor were we involved in any kind of impact with anything.

We have rented cars with Avis no less than ten times, seven of which were from the Kensington branch in the past year. We have also rented cars with other companies around the world, but this is the first time we were charged for such a small chip, which was not even caused by us. Miss S gave the impression of not caring for her past customers and only cares about charging more for a one day rental. We feel our loyalty to Avis has been in vain and would rather walk a few more steps to rent from Budget just down the road if this is not resolved satisfactorily.

They don't give a toss about customers.

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I have had problems with Avis and will never use them again. I booked them via air miles for Geneva and they gave us a map when we left that didnt have geneva steets on it and charged us an extra 15euros as we were 1 min after 11 oclock.
Mrs G dixon...17 October 2002

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