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Dr Tom Campbell
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I ordered a sample CD called "Skip To My Loops" by Fatboy Slim. When it arrived the licensing agreement was displayed in very very tiny letters which were also in the colour of the background photo so many words were totally unreadable.

When I opened the CD and put it in my computer I searched for the agreement of use and eventually found it. It gave the right to stop anyone using a sample in their production if it desired. I contacted the owner of AMG and told him that was unacceptable to me and unless a new agreement was granted I wanted to return the CD for a full refund.

He then after a handful of emails went back and forth refused to communicate with me when I told him I wanted to return the CD. He implied that I was just after a free CD?! He started one email "Hi Doc".

I want a full refund.

I purchased this product after filling in a request form on the Internet for it. This request gave no opportunity to confirm what I had agreed to purchase which I also took exception to. Again 'M' gave no assurance and just replied no-one had ever made a mistake when ordering because they were so clever as he put it.

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Update on 14 March 2002
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I was never informed of a reply ever being made. I don't get it either. This guy has not answered the complaint at all! You have written that it is "strong and confident response from AMG UK". But it is not a reply at all. So what do I do next? This company has admitted that I am right but done nothing accept try its best to justify its wrongful behaviour. What is all this nonsense about being patient got to do with anything? Where do I go next to report his company and have a government agency look into its business practices? And how can AMG be allowed to not accept any returns even when it has been proved that the items are useless to the buyer and that the fault lies clearly with the product and the way it has been advertised.

And I don't think I was unfair posting to your board as you had failed to answer my mail when I saw no evidence of anything being done by your site having waited a reasonable time. It was a reasonable thing to do.
Regards, Tom... 27 March 2002

We are not able to assist further beyond supplying a public forum for your story. However, you may want to visit the Advertising Standards Authority website if you wish to pursue the matter.
Well this appears to be a classic case of a customer throwing a tantrum because they havent been told what they want to hear. As a customer service adviser at comet i feel that i have the experience to and knowledge to make this a justified comment. AMG obviously have policies which are there to protect themselves aswell as their customers. What customers seem to forget is that the point of our exsistence is not to satisfy them but to make a profit!?!

This does not mean that we dont appreciate customer concerns or try to solve their problems but it does mean that we are not going to bankrupt ourselves by doing anything to please a customer no matter how ridiculous the demand.

Everyday i receive abuse from people like 'Tom'. People who do not LISTEN and appear to have developed little since the early months of their life when they perceived themselves the centre of the world. Tom, drop it mate. There is more to life than this. I am only replying because i am bored at work, but seriously i get sick of customers shouting and screaming at me and swearing at me just because they cannot develop their social skills enough to communicate in a civilised way with another person.

You are not the most important thing since sliced bread, not getting your own way is just part of life - deal with it and you never know all you complainers may become HAPPIER and more rounded indiviuals!
C...20 April 2003

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